Sunday, July 29, 2012

Clockwork Conspiracy by Inkaholics 11

I'm super excited to announce our first steampunk Inkaholics novella, Clockwork Conspiracy by the Inkaholics 11 Writers Group. We had all of our writers from Inkaholics 9 in this group as well as one high schooler whom I met through NaNoWriMo's insanity last year--yeaaah!

One of the surprises that came from this story is a character named Agent Pierce. He appeared out of nowhere in one of the writers' scenes, and he ended up sticking around until the bitter end, charming the daylights out of me and my assistant editor. You get to meet this wonderful character in this delightful novella!

Magic & Mayhem are afoot.

Arminta Cogurae is known as the oddball of Brazenglass, but that doesn’t stop her from happily inventing novel machines and improving her fellow citizens’ timekeepers.

But life is not always pleasant in the city, especially under the watchful eye of the Red Flint Agency, an organization devoted to the suppression of magic. 
When Arminta and her young apothecary friend, Fred, are inadvertently entangled in the manhunt of a known criminal, they find themselves drawn deep into a national conspiracy.

The tinker will need to breech all boundaries and entrust her liberty to a few Red Flint agents and a stranger who has ensnared her very livelihood into a wicked design for war.

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