Monday, August 20, 2012

No Idle Hands Here

You know those times when you don't really have enough minutes to finish a project properly but there are too many minutes to just sit around doing nothing either? In those times, I get strange graphic design ideas, and this was one of them:

I decided that, for some reason, I needed to update my Facebook cover photo with a custom one. I had had a clever (but stolen) image there for awhile which featured two beloved comic icons of 80s pop culture:

But it was time to change, and I had 40 minutes, so I looked up writing quotes and found this gem of quote from Stephen King's On Writing, a book that is part biography and part writer's guide--an excellent resource. (Though I must always give the caveat that it does contain a sprinkling of King's token profanity.)

The background is the scanned image of a page from one of my tutoring sessions. The red spatter is stock photography. The font is Urban Jungle.