Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ready, set, go!

November 1 snuck up on me this year. For the last two years I've anticipated that first day of writing with much anticipation. But for some reason, this year's firing bullet has eluded my mind completely. Well, not completely. I've been thinking "NaNoWriMo starts Thursday!" all week, but it was only this evening, as I was putting on my pajamas that I realized, "Oh! Thursday is TOMORROW!"

So here I sit in bed now, waiting for the stroke of midnight so I can put down the first line that came to me this week. Can't write it now though. That would be against the rules. ;o)

Words to date: 0
Words to go: 50,000

Thursday, October 4, 2007

A plot emerges

As we were driving home from Awana tonight, I was thinking about a dream I had last night, and the plot for my NaNo this year just flashed before my eyes like a big bunch of exploding sparklers. It was truly magnificent!

I came home and wrote down as much as I could. Oh my, is this going to be fun!

The title will be Airship Circus, and it'll be fantasy-science fiction. (Think The City of Lost Children.) I'll write in first person again (did so for NaNo 2005), and the main character will be an early-20s girl named Dali. Actually, that's a nickname. Her real name is Jane.

She has a very special and unique ability which makes her feel quite the outsider among a population of "normal" people. To escape, she joins the circus one day. And...well, the rest of the little details will be discovered in November.

I found this blog template tonight. It really reflects the mood I'm thinking about for Airship Circus. Isn't it grand? :oD (I made the little Zeppelin graphic myself.)

Oh, this is gonna be SO fun to write! *bounces in anticipation*


Oh my goodness! I got a PM from Nimelen on CleanPlace this morning asking me about starting a NaNo thread, and I thought "Yeah! NaNoWriMo starts next month!" I am SO excited for it to start this year.

I mentioned it to my husband today, and he replied in a most downtrodden voice, "Are you going to do that?" To which I grinned stupidly and said, "YES!"