Thursday, October 4, 2007

A plot emerges

As we were driving home from Awana tonight, I was thinking about a dream I had last night, and the plot for my NaNo this year just flashed before my eyes like a big bunch of exploding sparklers. It was truly magnificent!

I came home and wrote down as much as I could. Oh my, is this going to be fun!

The title will be Airship Circus, and it'll be fantasy-science fiction. (Think The City of Lost Children.) I'll write in first person again (did so for NaNo 2005), and the main character will be an early-20s girl named Dali. Actually, that's a nickname. Her real name is Jane.

She has a very special and unique ability which makes her feel quite the outsider among a population of "normal" people. To escape, she joins the circus one day. And...well, the rest of the little details will be discovered in November.

I found this blog template tonight. It really reflects the mood I'm thinking about for Airship Circus. Isn't it grand? :oD (I made the little Zeppelin graphic myself.)

Oh, this is gonna be SO fun to write! *bounces in anticipation*


  1. Very nice, Mangy. The plot sounds intriguing. I can't wait to here more about it. I like your Zepplin graphic as well.

  2. Nice! Sounds fascinating! ^^ Go Mangy!

  3. Thanks, ladies! I'm very excited to get started!

  4. Coolio! :o) This sounds like something I'd be interested in reading when it's finished. B)