Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ready, set, go!

November 1 snuck up on me this year. For the last two years I've anticipated that first day of writing with much anticipation. But for some reason, this year's firing bullet has eluded my mind completely. Well, not completely. I've been thinking "NaNoWriMo starts Thursday!" all week, but it was only this evening, as I was putting on my pajamas that I realized, "Oh! Thursday is TOMORROW!"

So here I sit in bed now, waiting for the stroke of midnight so I can put down the first line that came to me this week. Can't write it now though. That would be against the rules. ;o)

Words to date: 0
Words to go: 50,000


  1. Can't wait to hear of your progress! good luck!

  2. Thanks, Soni! I'll be updating every day I write, so do come back. :o)