Monday, January 31, 2011

Free Church Wi-Fi

One of our pastors recently made this request: Can we make a Sunday morning announcement slide that has the following message on it: Connect your wireless device using the "[network name]” wireless access point. The logon is: “[password]”

I love how I can always assume that "we" actually means "you." XD We must learn how to be perceptive in this job.

Anyway, I had way too much fun with this and delivered a snarky and non-snarky version of the requested slide.



Sunday, January 16, 2011

Inkaholics Workshop I, Day 1

We had our first session of the first incarnation of the Young Writers Workshops last Saturday. The three girls in attendance were brilliant and had a great time. Much laughter was had, and the creativity was flowing in full force.

We decided to write a contemporary fantasy about three teens who all go to the same school. The two boys are best friends and meet the new girl on the first day of school. As it turns out, she's a duchess from another realm. Sounds intriguing, eh? Chapter 1 is written, and chapter 2 is homework for the week. I can't wait to read what everyone writes this week!

Parting Shot
Isn't it against against the law NOT to take a goofy picture when a group is posing?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Novel Written on Twitter

An absolutely fascinating writing project is going on right now--on Twitter. Adam Palmer is writing a novel called Space Available for Marcher Lord Press this year, which will be composed completely on Twitter. He isn't writing it in Word and copy-pasting it into the status bar. No, he is actually composing every line in Twitter, within the parameters of 140 characters per post.

This is going to call for some seriously tight writing--of which I am a huge fan. I read through the entirety of his novel-in-progress tonight. It's a science fiction, and right off the bat, an Artificial Intelligence lifeform is a part of the dialogue. Oh my. Could it get any better?

I'm going to have a lot of fun following this project through the year. What a novel idea! If you want to follow Adam Palmer's Space Available as it is being composed, you can do so as well @AdamAuthor.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Live Sketch App

There's a drawing app for the iPhone (and iPod Touch, which I have) called LiveSketch. I was able to download it for free and have been having quite a fun time with it! It's unlike any other drawing app I have ever tried. The images it creates are quite unique. Here are a couple of mine:

Below is a Japanese artist drawing an anime character on an iPad with the same app. (Obviously he's a lot more talented at this than I am!)