Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2.26.08 Bunny

This is a little fuzzy bunny my daughter and I discovered while going through my childhood toys. She named him "K'Neffel Bunny," which I thought was actually a clever name as names made up by children go.


  1. hate to possibly burst your bubble, but...


    also, i have a couple of new 365 links on my site if you are interested. joellen and kristie.

  2. LOL! That is priceless. *cracks up* Shows how much I pay attention. I didn't even ask her if it was from school. Oh well! Even the greatest writers had to start somewhere. :oP

    Thanks for the new link tips! I'll check them out.

  3. Beats my kid. He has a rabbit. Her name is Bunny. He has four stuffed dogs. Two are named Doggy and two are Puppy. He also has a cat...named Kitty.

    Strangely enough, he also has a dolphin. Name? Dolphin Ritz.

  4. How random is that? I guess maybe he's a fancy dolphin. :oP

  5. She, actually. Every single one of his stuffed animals are "shes". "Ritz" is the last name of our former Bible study leaders, as well as their Jack-sized son. I don't know if that influenced his decision or not.