Thursday, September 18, 2008

9.18.08 Goodbye Bennigans

The Bennigan's restaurants have been around for just over 30 years. They closed their doors due to bankruptcy on July 29, 2008. Unfortunately, no one was given any notice, so that Tuesday morning, store managers were instructed to close their doors and inform all their employees that they were out of a job effective immediately.


  1. Well that really stinks. You'd think they'd at least help the employees find new jobs! :(

  2. if you know me, you know i love bennigan's. i joke that i would like to have their honey dijon just pumped through my veins.

    this day was a sad day in my life.

    HOWEVER, in tampa, there is one left! an independent owner who chose to keep his doors open. channelside bennigans.

  3. Michelle: They are elibile for unemployment, but that's about it. :(

    JoEllen: How cool about that independent owner! Bennigans can live on in FL...

  4. how weird--I drive past this place all the time and hadn't notcied the "For Sale" sign--no to mention there is still often a lot of cars parked out front... weird!

    I hadn't been there in years, mostly because I was never overly impressed with their service. But it will be sad to see it go...

  5. Sara: I agree about their service. And their menu didn't do a whole for me. An article I read stated that "experts" (whoever they are) said the decline in business was due to the lack of brand loyalty. There were too many other restaurants like it, and they never changed to make themselves stand out. I'd tend to agree.