Friday, March 19, 2010

Project 365: 78/365 - All Cut Up

Project 365: Photo Edition - Broken Beauty

100319--Broken Beauty

Our Women's Ministry director gave this Christmas ornament to me the Christmas after I first came on staff at the church. I used to have it hanging on my rearview mirror. It lasted a couple years at least. Then I brought it inside when we got a new car. For another few years, it survived the tree and being displayed on the mantel where the cats could get to it.

This day, my boy got a hold of the ornament and mistook it for a ball that could be bounced against the stone hearth. Yikes. Ah well. It's just stuff. (He DID feel very remorseful.)

Project 365: Video Edition - How To Seed a Cucumber

Another practical kitchen tip! This Project 365 thing is making a lot of useful videos as well as pointless ones. Guess there should always be a balance, eh? XD

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