Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Project 365: 96/365 - Giving In

Project 365: Photo Edition - Giving In

1004006--Giving In

Project 365: Video Edition - Weight Loss #31

Here's an update on my slackerness when it comes to the weight loss journey.


  1. I thought it had been quite a while since your last one of these. I figured you were doing so well you had "grown out" of the reports. Tessa picked her head up and commented from the floor as she heard me watching the video. I think she says "Hi Aunt Dianna." :-)

    Good work on starting again, and picking a very concise goal to start with, so that you can build from there.

  2. Hi Tessa! :o)

    Thanks, Kate! Yes, I'm hoping I can get back into the swing of things. Probably doing those vlogs really helped keep me accountable.