Monday, September 20, 2010

Sparkles & Royalty

33 Riches of Divine GraceWe're getting ready to order this card for the church to list the message topics for an upcoming year-long series. I'm rather happy with the result of it! The title of the series as "33 Riches of Divine Grace", so I went with the sparkly gold and royal blue theme.

The blue background layer is a free design that I found online. The white is a filled layer with a pattern effect applied in order to give it a crackly, textured look.

The coin and banner were formed in Photoshop. The sparkles around the title were hand drawn using a star-shaped paintbrush (at varying sizes) as well as a glow layer effect.

The title text is a combination of Copperplate Gothic Light and Harrington, which made for an elegant, yet fun design for the letters. I love how the "G" in Grace and the "E" in Riches are touching. Sometimes you couldn't plan as well the things that happen by accident.

33 Riches of Divine Grace (close up)

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