Saturday, October 2, 2010

Esthetic Revelation (New Shop)

My husband suggested that I create a Cafe Press store to sell some graphics and art and stuff. I created this tonight using an account that I (apparently) started in 2007. Weird!

Anyhoo--I named it Esthetic Revelation to simply signify that it is a store of creative awesome. You can see it here. Once I have a few more exciting things on there, then I'll put a proper link or widget or something in the sidebar.

Two ideas I had for this store:

1. Utilize the incredible artistic skills of my friend Legolas so that we can go in on this side venture together. She and I will come up with the ideas. She'll create the original art, and I will do the legwork of posting it to the store. She has the talent and creative ideas, but no desire for such things as marketing; I have creative ideas and knowledge of marketing, but not nearly the amount of artistic talent she has. We should make a happy team.

2. I had an idea of making t-shirts that tell a story. That is, a small piece of a short story would be creatively laid out on a t-shirt design (or whatever other product you wanted it on), and it could stand alone or make even more sense when paired with other designs. Sounds like a unique idea to me--now I just have to find the story.

I don't expect this to be a huge source of income, but it's a way to get my designs out there and possibly make a little extra income. You never know...

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