Monday, March 7, 2011

First In Flame by The Inkaholics I Writers Group

We are so excited to announce that First in Flame, the book the first Inkaholics Writers Group wrote together over the course of 6 weeks, is now available.

The Inkaholics I girls worked so hard and had some incredible ideas to contribute to this fantastic story. There are even some surprise illustrations inside--these girls are talented! Here's the official description of First in Flame:

Torren, an awkward 13-year old kid with a penchant for superstition, is about to have the strangest first day of school in his life. When his best friend Kyle, the high school quarterback, falls for the weird new girl, things are looking bad enough. But when they witness Kyle inexplicably transform into a little black housecat in the middle of lunch period, the situation spirals into an odd series of events that takes the three unlikely friends on an adventure no one expected.

If you would like to purchase a copy, you can do so for a mere $7.00 (plus shipping). is a print-on-demand company, but they do amazing work. Thanks for supporting the Inkaholics!


  1. If the cover has anything to say, that must be a good book! Nice design and clever title. Sounds like this book has a fun premise!

  2. Thanks, Hood! It was a fun cover to do and an even more fun story to write with my talented writers group girls. I'm looking forward to making many more books with these young writers groups.

  3. Dawn and I bought a copy! I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but she liked it. :)

  4. Really? That's awesome! I'm really glad Dawn liked it. Hope you do too! Thanks for supporting the group! :oD