Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Watch for Magic by Inkaholics IV Writers Group

The long-awaited Inkaholics IV Writers Group book just completed production. With five fun and creative young writers, we put together a fantastic steampunk adventure called Watch for Magic last July. Here's the back cover copy for you:

He can’t hide forever.

Javian is an orphaned boy living as a hunter in a magical forest outside of Ducal, with a flying llama as his only companion. Rumors abound in the city about how magic is disappearing, but Javian is unconcerned until he accidentally traps a mythical dragon named Airimyth.

The giant cogs of his life are set in motion when a run-in with Eylec the gryphon gets them captured by migrating dwarves. Escape is paramount, but Javian’s convoluted past tick-tocks to the present, putting all their lives at risk.

Will the new friends discover the power of three and restore magic to the world? Or will the dwarves and the Duke pilfer everything they have ever loved?

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This novella was written as a part of a 6-session Collaborative Writers Group.