Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Dark Side of White by Inkaholics VI

The latest book from the Inkaholics Collaborative Writers Groups is now available! We tried something totally new with this story, which ended up making this our longest book yet. Another first is that the cover art was commissioned by my dear friend Rachael Selk. She did a fantastic job capturing our characters! (Check out the preview below to see the wraparound art on the back.)

Kevin, Parker, and Mŭshi Rū are all running—from the past, the present, the future. Curiously odd circumstances thrust them together when Kevin’s adversaries come to kidnap him. The adverse allies are compelled to unite, but differing opinions and peculiar secrets keep them from fully becoming one.

Meanwhile, the beginning of a terrible penguin reign is about to befall the earth. Kevin, Parker, and Mŭshi are forced into battle. Will they learn to trust and lean upon one another as they face a common enemy? Or will their own fears tear apart the fragile friendships?

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