Friday, February 17, 2012

Original Short Stories for a Quick Read

Our Christmas break Eight Players writers group wrote a short story entitled Let Them Eat Cake (but not chocolate), and the final version is now available at I just received the writers' copies in the mail this week, and they look great! Here's a brief synopsis of this quick read:

Mister Y is a criminal mastermind with a weakness for red velvet cake. When his great-granddaughter posts his illegal chocolate recipe on the internet for all to see, he is forced to change his priorities.

Meanwhile, back at the dental office, a llama and an elf wage a war against their boss and each other, entangling with Mister Y’s devious plot when their fight takes them to a nearby pirate bakery. 
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

For an even shorter (and free!) read, you can download my short story, The Question, on Lulu as well. It's even formatted for e-readers!

Eustace has an important question for his 6th period science teacher. But will he ever get up the nerve to ask?

Download it for free HERE.

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