Sunday, May 20, 2012

Prophecy's Keys: Pieces of Souls by Inkaholics 9

We are super excited to present the latest novella from our young writers, Prophecy's Keys: Pieces of Souls by the Inkaholics 9 Writers Group. This group is pretty sure they are going to want to write a prequel and/or a sequel, so we have boldly added "Book 1" to the title.

All of the writers in this group were completely new to Inkaholics Groups, but I think we have them hooked because every one of them just finished being a part of Inkaholics 12. (More on that later!) Here's a little bit about this classic fantasy story from Ink 9:

Morgana is a fresh graduate of the Kentis Institute of Magic, but her wizard’s staff is already misbehaving. In fact, a dark power hidden inside the ornamentation has shrouded an entire village in a madness-inducing mist.

The young wizardess vows to correct the situation and finds help in a clumsy apprentice blacksmith and a paranoid, recluse dragon. But a wicked creature from her past interferes with their quest at every turn, or is he drawing them right where he wants them? Has circumstance brought these three together? Or are they a part of an ancient prophecy that connects them in more ways that they could possibly imagine?

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