Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Carl" by Inkaholics X

Just as we're beginning a new Collaborative Writers Group (Inkaholics 12), two more books are coming to their final stages. The Inkaholics X Writers Group novella, Carl: the Uprising of a Leprechaun Madman, is now available!

This incredible story tells the background of a minor character from The Case of Dr. What by Inkaholics 007. There are some blatant nods to prior Inkaholics books in this one that make it extra special. Here's the synopsis:

Carl isn’t your average leprechaun.

Sure, he has the green bowler hat and short stature, but he’s also the son of Mickey McPherson McWharle, son to Michael Marscapone McWharle, the Godfather of the Leprechaun Mafia. Trouble is, Carl doesn’t like being a hitman for the Family. All he wants is a peaceful life and a lovely companion.

With the help of his new friends Qué, a 6’ 6” meerkat, and Phish, a goldfish detective with telekinesis, Carl takes a leap of faith and attempts to leave the Leprechaun Mafia Family. His actions spawn a series of events which only get more dangerous and forbidding with every passing day.

Will Carl find the balance between the good in his heart and the evil in his genetic makeup? Or will one side rise up and reign supreme?
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