Saturday, October 27, 2012

Avian Runes by Inkaholics 12

We are working hard to finalize the last few Inkaholics books, dating all the way back to the beginning of the summer. The June writers group, Inkaholics 12, wrote an incredible fantasy story about a woman who must escape the clutches of dark magic called Avian Runes. Here's the synopsis:

Letto the rune crafter is an albino changeling—part hawk, part human—whose magical body is the target of a wicked consortia and their leader. Through some unseen enchantment, Letto’s ability to transform is taken hostage, sending her into uncontrollable fits of painful metamorphosis. As fate sweeps her deeper into a plot to murder the Court Magician of Hydridge Castle, Letto finds her only hope of escape falls into the hands of a pair of thieves and their unsavory professional network.

Will Letto find strength enough to fight for her freedom while her body is under the spell of evil forces? Will her thieving friends find hearts of  selflessness after living a life of greed? When the final moment comes, will Letto be able to save the one person who seemed to start it all?
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