Tuesday, December 6, 2005

TGIO Party: Dec. 2, 2005

We had our Thank Goodness It's Over party for all the Springs Wrimos at a private home last Friday. I carpooled with a friend of mine who was also doing NaNo--I found out a week or so in that she was doing it and that was very cool. There were about eight or nine of us there all told. A nice sized group for a gathering of people who mostly don't know each other except from the NaNo forums. It was really funny, we were introducing each other by our user names. I can't tell you how fun it was to say, "Hi, I'm MangyCat."

Laurie, the hosting ML, served a delicious spiral ham and the rest of us brought sides and desserts. I made some outragous brownies that, if I may say so, totally rocked. ;o)

We shared stories of our NaNo journeys and read excerpts. It was really cool to hear what everyone else had been struggling through during the last 30 days. We were all in it together, but we each had our own muses we tried to wrangle.

My friend Sara read my Chapter 1 from Imaginary and at the end, everyone's mouths were hanging open, like..."Is that IT? Where's the rest?!" In fact, someone actually said that. I had them so pinned, they forgot to clap. Ah, the sweet taste of victory.

Anyway, that party was very good for me. I've been feeling this sort of letdown all week. You know, the letdown that happens after some major events or holidays have passed. That's what I've been feeling. Sort of draggy and depressed. But it was good to connect with other Wrimos and feel like all that time spent sweating words in November actually meant something.

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