Thursday, May 8, 2008


At the library tonight, I noticed that there were a lot of bookmarks pinned to this long wall where you turn in books. I asked a lady if those were ones that were left behind in books people returned and she said yes.

So THEN I asked if I could take a picture because I thought it was fascinating, and they invited me to come to the back and get a better view. :oD They even moved a bunch of carts out of the way to give me a better shot.

It was really interesting all the different things people used for bookmarks in addition to traditional ones. This wall isn't even a quarter of the number they had hanging there.


  1. Yeah, it was really neat! I've been to this library countless times, and I'd never noticed the bookmarks until then. Yet another prop to Project 365.

  2. Yay, Blogger let me on! I would've commented yesterday, but....

    Anyway, that is SO cool. I never would have thought of doing that. Great photo!