Saturday, October 25, 2008

10.25.08 Sad, sad day

This is the charger for our second "good" camera of the year. Empty, it shall remain forevermore.

My husband took the Casio on a mountain climbing excursion, and somehow it came off his backpack and went sailing down a 1500-ft. cliff. It was irretrievable. *sob!* So I am back to the old stand-by camera until a newer one comes into our possession by some miracle of $200.

I'm surely disappointed, especially considering I still have a few months of Project 365 left AND three or four holiday events to document with family pictures. *sigh* But I AM glad that if something had to fall off that cliff, it was the camera and not my husband.

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  1. Amen! I am also using a "backup" camera because I can't afford to get my good one fixed. It quit working the second day of the moot!