Monday, January 23, 2012

The Case of Dr. What by Inkaholics 007

It's been a long time in the making, but we are finally releasing the latest Collaborative Writers Group novella, The Case of Dr. What, by the group that is now known as Inkaholics 007. This is our longest novella yet at a finished total of 158 pages! The story itself came to roughly 33,000 words, which is positively gargantuan in comparison to previous Inkaholics books, which usually top out at 20K. This is one incredible story, let me tell you. We've got people asking about a sequel already!

The Case of Dr. What
by The Inkaholics 007 Writers Group

When Hanover, an unsuspecting university student, stumbles upon a clandestine espionage operation gone sour, he is thrust into an international manhunt to locate the odious criminal Dr. What. Hanover’s companions are a cantankerous pair: Glaydin, a ruthless, alien bounty hunter and her nemesis, Kriscilla, a feisty, alate mouse with the Secret Spy Association.

The mismatched team must learn to work together as Dr. What leaves a trail of enigmatic clues and bizarre portals that will send them on a trek around the world. Can Hanover accept his adventurous fate? Will Kriscilla learn to forgive her enemy? Who will Glaydin choose as her allies—a man and a mouse, or the most powerful villain of their time?

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