Monday, January 11, 2010

Project 365: 11/365

Project 365: Photo Edition - CSI: Season 3, Disc 5

Project 365: Video Edition - Jacob's Ladder


  1. I used to LOVE jacob's ladders as a kid and as I think about it now in nearly 12 years of having children in the house I don't know that any of my kids have ever had one.

    I must remedy that!

  2. Oh yes! Kids seem to love them no matter what age--especially when they first get them and try to figure out how they work. There's nothing like those simple toys.

  3. I don't necessarily care for CSI myself, but I LOVE the picture you took. Nice effects.

    I've never had a Jacob's Ladder, but it looks like fun.

  4. Thanks, Tippie! My husband and I are both fans of crime shows. (Random fact: In high school, Mr. Mangy wanted to be a forensic pathologist.)

    Next time you're in a toy store or a novelty or game shop, look for a Jacob's Ladder. They are fascinating toys. :o)