Friday, January 1, 2010

Young Writers Mentoring

Young Writers Mentoring is a one-on-one relationship between an experienced author and a young writer (ages 10-18). We will take a chosen manuscript and work through it together in a personal critique group environment.

As we hit trouble areas, we will address those and further develop writing skills as well as the story itself. In this way, the young writer can improve in specific challenge areas and skip over what she has already mastered.

If no manuscript is available or after the manuscript has been fully critiqued, we may work on writing and perfecting short stories to build a fiction arsenal.

The primary goal is to help the young writer get her writing skills above average so she will stand out among the masses of would-be authors. We'll get a strong manuscript finalized, and perhaps some good, strong short stories written. At that point, we walk through the process of writing a query letter and submission to publishers.

Meetings are held via Skype so we can talk and work together freely. Those living in the Colorado area may contact me to discuss in-person mentor meetings.

The fee for Young Writers Mentoring is $35 per 1-hour session and includes:
  • 2-way conversation time during the hour
  • editorial/writing/submission instruction
  • writing critiques (# of words covered per session is dependent on skill level)
  • writing assignments/prompts for short stories (if desired)
  • up to 5 emails per week to address specific questions or concerns (not to exceed 30 minutes per week)

I will come to each session fully prepared, having read whatever we are going to be working on, ready to discuss and instruct.

This is a great option for homeschoolers who are looking to supplement their English curriculum or for young writers who seek to be published in the future.

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