Monday, January 25, 2010

Project 365: 25/365

Project 365: Photo Edition - Light Experiment #1

I very much enjoy playing with light and long exposures, so my plan is to play with this a bit during the course of 2010's Project 365.

Project 365: Video Edition - A Proposal

For those of you who don't have time to watch the videos (*cough*Nia*cough*), here's the challenge I am posting: I am striving to reach 28 followers on this blog. To that end, I will dedicate a video or picture to each follower during the month of February.

If you're a follower, post a comment here or on a later post, requesting whether you would like to have a picture or video dedicated to you. Additionally, if you'd like to request something specific for your picture/video, then let me know that in your comment. Thanks!


  1. I'm following your blog! I've had it in my RSS reader for ages, but I just now became an official "follower" through Blogger. And I should very much like a video dedicated to moi. ^_^

  2. i looked over on the sidebar and was surprised to see that I was NOT following through blogger. shocking.

  3. I'm a follower. Sounds fun! I'd love either a picture or a video. :D

  4. I'm a follower! =) I'd like a video if you'd want to do that.

    Cute photos so far!

  5. I've been a follower for a while :P And a photo, of course (because I don't like watching videos on the computer-- :P )

  6. I've been eagerly following your 365 updates! But not through Blogger, so I don't know if that counts... If it does, I should very much like a photo. :-D

  7. The picture from this day is gorgeous! (I know, I'm way behind on comments. My apologies! :oops: )

    I would love a photo. :D

  8. Thanks, Celeris!

    And thanks for the requests, ladies! You're on my list. :o)