Wednesday, October 4, 2006

CleanPlacers Join NaNo

I'm unendingly excited that several of the teens from my online writing group (A Clean, Well-Lighted Place) are going to become official Wrimos this year. Woot! These girls are tough. They have school and activities going on too, but I'm confident in their drive to succeed.

Check out their blogs in my "Fellow Wrimos" link list. You go, girls!


  1. lol, glad someone has faith in us :P

    I know at the moment I have no clue if I will finish or not. I would like to think I will, and maybe I can, but I'm not sure. 50,000 words is a lot.

    Especially since I have no earthly idea what I am going to do with my plot. does not have to be earthly does it? hmmm... :P

    Well, hope you have a good time doing it this year, Mangy, and thanks for the encouragement. I have a feeling I'm gonan need it.

  2. We'll be able to encourage each other, Em. :oD So glad that you've joined the crazy train!

  3. lol, yeah, I am too, though I am wondering at the level of my insanity :P

    Hows your plot and all comming along?

  4. oh, oh, link me as a fellow wrimo!