Monday, October 9, 2006

A plot emerges + NaNo Kick Off

One of my wonderful CP teens said something that reminded me of a contemporary fiction idea that I'd shelved last year. I think it would work fabulously for NaNoWriMo because it's sort of scattered--or seemingly so.

The title of the story is "Tag," and it's about how one act of unkindness can affect many different people, then what happens when one person makes a decision to take the unkindess and turn it into goodness. It's rather an experiment because there will be so many point of view characters. We'll see if it works.

Just saw the notification on the Springs NaNo Forum about our Kick Off party this year. Thank goodness it's on the last Thursday of the month instead of Friday like they did in 2005. I missed it because we were at the Harvest Party at church, but looks like that won't happen this year. Hooray! Can't wait to connect with the other "30-day wonders" as Laurie, our Springs ML, called us.

p.s. You like my spiffy, new NaNo participant's icon?


  1. The closest kick off party for me is in Santa Clarita, I live 30 minutes from there, and well...I don't know if I want to ask my mom to take me to a party where I will literally know NO ONE...

  2. Well, your mom could always hang out there with you. Last year, we had a gal who was 15 and her mom came with her to all the gatherings even though she wasn't a writer.

  3. Yes, true. It would still be weird though...*unsure* I'll think about it. :)

  4. I have no clue where all the thins are around here.

    I don't wanna post my city out of respect for other CPErs who do not want our city known to many, but I still wanna know where the parties adna ll are. Is there a way to do that, or no?

    Yay! we can have more than one or two POVs :6: Mine I'm thinking at least 3...prob 4.

    God Luck, Mangy!!! :D

  5. Thanks, Em! I don't think there's a way to look at regional calendars without affiliating yourself with them.

    However, you could always go to your region's individual forum area and they may have posted a notice about it. Regional forums are at the bottom of the list on the NaNo forum page.

  6. I'm content just to do this with y'all. I don't need a kick off party. B)

  7. ok, thanks :D

    so, this the one you think you are going to do?

  8. Em, yes, I think this is the one. But who knows what might happen between now and midnight on Nov. 1. :6: