Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day 1: A goodish start

We had a day-long write-in at Panera Bread today to kick off NaNoWriMo right. I didn't get there at the beginning, nor did I stay all day, but I did get a good chunk of writing time in there--enough to write 3,002 words! It was a good haul for a day's work, and I need to keep up on it because I doubt I'll be writing every day during the week. The more words I can rake in on the weekends, the better.

Here's today's excerpt. I liked this conversation that came out between Mighty and the correspondent at the space station Kirkkigaard. Mighty's ship is called Lasso.

A blip sounded from the console, indicating an incoming message. Mighty flipped the com-switch.

“Lasso. Indigo Foxtrot, niner five two seven."  His chest puffed with pride at the sound of his calling code. "Mighty Myllon speaking.”

“Affirmative, Señor Myllon,” came a young female mouser’s voice. “Pelter Chase on com for Kirkkigaard Space Station. Receiving your request for dock. Confirm? Ready to receive.”

Mighty flipped a blue switch next to the com. “Affirmative. Sending confirmation now.”

“Señor Myllon," Pelter’s voice came back, questioning, "confirm negative cargo aboard Lasso?”

Mighty bristled. “Affirmative, Kirkkigaard. Lasso brings no cargo.”

A pause and a few clicks came through the com. “I’m sorry, Señor.”

A snide remark formed in Mighty’s mind, but he let it go. No need to assault this poor girl for something that isn’t her fault. “Thank you, Kirkkigaard.”

“Call me Pelter.”

Mighty paused, staring at the blinking com diode. Now, that was a little unorthodox. Com techs didn’t usually divert from the usual business communicae. They certainly never asked to be called by their first names.

“Thank you, Pelter,” he said. He was tempted to ask why the familiarity. Was she trying to make him feel better, like there was a mouser on the other end and not just some computerized entity calling him to port? He shook his head and dismissed it. Either way, he was here to do something that would hurt. Friendliness wasn’t going to change anything.

Words to Date: 3,002
Words to Go: 46,998

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