Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 24: Little help from my friends

So my friend MightiMidget and I have been word warring. That is, we have been doing 10-minute timed writings, but we've done ours with a twist. We will give each other a challenge to add during our 10 minutes, a dare, if you will. Then we write, and afterwards share how we incorporated the challenge.

Tonight, Midget said that I must put a talking Coke can into my story. So this is how it came about:


Doxal smiled, curtsied, then opened the can. Instead of releasing the usual hiss of escaping carbon dioxide, a voice came out into the quiet of the hall.

“Mighty Myllon, I have a message for you.”

Mighty's eyes widened. He walked on his knees to Doxal's side and stared at the can. He looked up at Doxal. “Did you just hear...”

She nodded, her own eyes filled with curiosity.

Mighty took the can from her hands and turned it over. As he did so, the voice began to speak again.

“The message is from your father.”


Though I am still incredibly behind for having only six days left to complete, I am oddly optimistic that I'll still finish. Let's see if I make it...

Words to Date: 26,616 (and still counting tonight)
Words to Go: 23,384

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