Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 2: Getting there

Pulled in 1,762 words today between a Sunday evening write-in and word wars with my friend MightiMidget later over IM. At least I passed the daily quota (1,667). I need to stay ahead though, and procrastination is being far too friendly to me of late. :oP

Here's an excerpt from today's bounty. It's a conversation between Mighty and Boshran, a giant frog guy (loffrax) who is going to offer him the shipping contract. There are two other "men" with Boshran--a foxish kind of creature (nicczar) and fish man (kelptin).

NOTE: I'm not usually not much of a fan of dialect, but this guy isn't a very major character and his way of speech added more words, so... *whistles*


“Wot’s yer name?” Boshran asked. He pointed a rubbery, green fingerpad at him. “And giv’t ter me straight.”

“Mighty Myllon,” the mouser replied, trying to stand tall to match his name.

The nicczar next to him grinned, his foxish teeth showing, and looked Mighty up and down again. “Mighty Myllon, eh? Mousers name their kitts after attributes.” He nodded to the kelptin. “Isn’t that right, Poshy?”

Poshy nodded vigorously, spurting water from his gills. “Right, that.”

Mighty held in his giant sigh. As though he hadn’t heard it a million times before. As though he didn’t live with this every day--trying to live up to his name.

Why had his parents held such high hopes for him? Why did they make it so hard? He gave a curt nod. “That’s right, sir.” He tried to puff out his chest a little more, realizing at the same time how ridiculous he must seem to these accomplished businessmen.

Boshran cocked his large froggy head as Mighty sat down. “Tis a good name, to be sure,” he said. “Yer upper kin woudda not giv’n that name ter ye if they’s din’t believe ye'ud live up ter it.”

Mighty faced the loffrax. He couldn’t recall anyone ever giving him such an encouragement before. And coming from this old grouchy codger, it had to be a genuine compliment. That type didn’t hand them out as a general practice. He tipped his chin. “I thank you kindly, sir.”

The loffrax swiped a hand through the air. “Tis not a thing,” he replied. “Now, tell me, what uv yer ship? She a mighty vessel, like yerself?”

“Oh, she’s much better,” Mighty said, once again wishing his filter had caught his words before they spouted from his mouth.


Words to Date: 4,764
Words to Go: 45,236


  1. Go, Mangy! *pom* I'm enjoying these excerpts. Bo)

  2. Thanks, Anne! I'm glad you're enjoying the excerpts. They're fun to pick, and I get to give my Inner Editor a little room to groove since he must be reigned in for the rest of this month. :o)

  3. Ooh, are you sure letting that creature out at all is such a good idea? O_O