Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day 26: Still pushing forward

I've been steadily pushing forward and writing as much as I can. Tonight, I've been doing some timed writings and challenges with some of my young wrimo friends. 

Legossi gave me a challenge: "I say Mangy has to put a monkey in her story. And the monkey's name is Alowishes the fifty-fifth. And he likes brownies." Here's what I came up with...


The bartender walked up to Mighty and rubbed a towel over a chrome flagon. He was a moniker, completely covered in a dark brown fur that looked almost black in the dim lighting. “Alowishes the 55th at your service, sir.” His round snout and wide mouth contorted as he spoke, but the light brown eyes set above his muzzle were filled with wisdom.

“Alowishes the 55th?” Mighty asked. “You come from a long line of Alowishes…es.”

The moniker nodded his head solemnly, then set the flagon before Mighty. “What shall it be?”

Mighty thought for a moment. “What is the house special tonight?”

Alowishes leaned forward and raised an eyebrow, turning his forehead into a cascade of wide wrinkles. “The brownies, sir.”

Mighty blinked. “Brownies? Is that a drink?”

“Oh no, sir.” Alowishes straightened up and walked down the length of the bar. He retrieved a pedestal with a transparent shield bubble over it. When he came back, he set the tray in front of Mighty. “Brownies,” he said with absolute reverence.

Mighty peered at the offerings. They were indeed simple chocolate brownies with a dusting of some sort of nut on the top. He shrugged. “A brownie it is. And perhaps a flagon of milk to go with it.”


More to come!

Words to Date: 33,157
Words to Go: 16,843 (I tell you--that actually looks doable!)

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  1. Love it, Mangy! ;)

    It makes me laugh (which is a good thing!).