Monday, February 23, 2009

I Heart Faces, Week 7 Contest

One of my dear CP teen writers, Twin4God, posted about a fun photo site called I thought this would be fun to share with the photographers who visit my blog.

They have weekly contests with various themes, adults' or kids' faces. They keep track of submissions by allowing entrants to link directly to their posts.

The "prize" is having your photo displayed on their homepage with comments from the judges and a link to your blog. This week, the theme is black and white, and I'm entering this one:

You can check out all the entries for this week HERE.


  1. tee hee....what a GREAT expression. :) cute!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Corey! I commented back on your entry for this week. :o)

  3. What a fun picture - great shot!

  4. fun picture. even without color, it makes me think of spring

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Dawn and Leah! :o)