Wednesday, March 11, 2009

11/365 Froots

There are oh-so many things that strongly dislike about this sign. Let's start with the spelling. Agh! Signmakers, stop perpetuating the bad spelling of our next generation!

And the strawberry is upside down, which bothers me. It would have been better tilted at an angle, but upright.

The tiny byline part is unreadable as one drives past at 40 MPH, so at first glance, we have NO idea what this place is all about. For the longest time, I was sure they just sold fruit roll ups.


  1. I agree. What a terrible sign.

    One of my hugest pet peeves is when businesses intentionally misspell their names as a sales gimmick. I drove past a place yesterday called "The Alinement Shop." I'm not sure if they meant to spell it that way, or if they didn't realize the proper spelling is "alignment."

    But the most blatant and frustrating instance I ever saw was the place I bought my school uniforms when I was in high school. It was called "Kidz Kloset." It's bad enough that misspelled business names already annoy me, but this was a place that existed solely for the purpose of selling SCHOOL uniforms! I mean, at least try to spell things correctly if you're gonna be selling your products to a bunch of grade schoolers.

    Allow me to digress. In addition to misspelled business names, Elmo needs to be stopped. I hate Elmo. He's not cute. His grammar and inability to use pronouns are contributing to the downfall of effective communication.

    *pant pant pant* Okay, didn't expect that to turn into a rant . . . I didn't even get to the upside down strawberry or the tiny little byline.

  2. Oh Mangy-- there is nothing wrong withthe upsidedown strawberry (I kinda like it, and that says a lot, considering)--and I never even thought of it as a mispelling, just a weird word (like a play on Toots, or something!) And the speed limit there is 35, so you should slow down :P I did, however, wonder what they would be selling--not that I would ever go to a store named Froots, or Fruits for that matter--it's just strange!

  3. Child: I couldn't agree with you more. Misspelling on signs (and other products for that matter) is just confusing for kids learning to read and perpetuates the fact that most kids struggle with spelling as it is.

    In regards to Elmo, he DOES grow on a person eventually, but it's more like getting used to an ugly scar than anything else. :oops:

    Sara: The upside down strawberry in itself isn't as bothersome as the fact that it would have been more dynamic (since they are going for dynamic by its positioning in the first place) by being tilted at an angle. It's the designer in me. I can't leave it well enough alone!

    And, yes, I have a problem with speeding. *whistles*

  4. I think upsidedown is fun and different,becuase everyone else is all angled dynamic these days! :P And I checked this morning and they HAVE upped the limit to 40--used to not go up until the dental office, but since everyone went 40 anyway, they changed it :P Guess *I'M* the only one who was still going 35 :P

  5. In regards to your comments about Elmo, Mangy, I've heard people say the same thing about beer. ;) There are some tastes that are best left unacquired!!

    *gets off Elmo soapbox*

    I have passion problems sometimes . . .