Sunday, November 12, 2006

Day 11 & 12 Weekend

I had high hopes for this weekend, but Saturday didn't pan out so well. Looks like today, Sunday, is going to be my best bet. I'm already off to a pretty good start. They say it only takes one good weekend to get ahead. Man oh man, am I going to need to take advantage of every single one.

This morning, I got up about 7:15 a.m. and forced myself to brush up and come downstairs to write. I did timed writings like we did at the write in. I was able to get 400+ words written in 10 minutes during those timed writings. Something about that ticking clock just keeps me going.

So I got myself a glass of OJ and set the kitchen timer for 10 minutes. I did that four times. Here are my word counts per session:

First 10 minutes, 432 words
Second 10 minutes, 414 words
Third 10 minutes, 469 words
Fourth 10 minutes, 499 words

My average for this morning so far is 2,697 words per hour, which is way above what my usual is (about 1,000 words per hour). Total came out to 2,023 words total for these sessions, adding in an additional 5 minutes worth of writing between the timed ones.

Words to date: 18,737
Words to go: 31,263

I'm writing again this afternoon. If I can take a timer, then I should be able to knock out a LOT of words doing timed writings for a couple of hours. Looking forward to it!

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