Friday, November 17, 2006

Days 15, 16, & 17: Number crunching

Days 15 & 16
Midnight came around on those days and both became big, fat zeros. But you know what? That's okay. I was super tired on Wednesday night and had other things to do before midnight, and Thursday, I was settled in on a mean game of Scrabble with my good friend MightiMidget. So I regret nothing! ;o)

Day 17
Is proving itself to be all that I wanted it to be. I spent a couple hours at Einstein's and did a total of nine 10-minute writing sessions. My stats came out thusly:

First 10 minutes, 369 words (Off to a slow start)
Second 10 minutes, 521 words
Third 10 minutes, 472 words
Fourth 10 minutes, 425 words
Fifth 10 minutes, 420 words
Sixth 10 minutes, 463 words
Seventh 10 minutes, 460 words
Eighth 10 minutes, 457 words
Ninth 10 minutes, 646 words (Whoa! Keep in mind, this was after probably five refills of Coke. LOL)

All this, for a total of 4,233 words in about 1.5 hours. Not too bad, I'd say. See why I'm not stressing? I have total faith in my make up days. :oD

It's funny how November brings out the number cruncher in me. Suddenly Excel is a friendly program, and I'm all about the daily figures. Still, it's all in relation to writing, and that's what makes it okay. One month out of the year is not bad to keep in touch with my left brain for the rest of the year, we pretty much try to avoid one another.

Now I'm at Panera Bread for a few more writing sessions before picking up a House Latte for my husband and heading out for dinner with the family. (We have to connect some time today, don't you know.) My husband works early tomorrow, so he's planning on going to bed early. I plan to take full advantage of that and write a bit more tonight.

Words to date: 28,751 (more than halfway now!)
Words to go: 21,249

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