Saturday, November 18, 2006

Day 18: Lazy Saturday

I guess I could call it that. But I did get an early start. Somehow I was tricked into getting up at 7:15 this morning.

My husband was borrowing my alarm clock, so I asked him to reset the alarm for 8:00 for me. In his tiredness this morning, he set the TIME ahead instead of the alarm. So when I checked my clock, it said 9:15, and I thought, "How weird. I didn't even hear the alarm."

I then mustered up enough energy to get up and start the day. Well, as I washed my face in the bathroom, I noticed that the clock in there said 7:15. So I checked another couple clocks, and sure enough, I was early! What were my first thoughts then? Time to get noveling!

So I got in a couple 10-minute sessions this morning before my fingers went numb. (Typing and writing in the morning don't go well together for me.) Wrote some more tonight at Panera Bread, and my daily count has come in at 2,250.

Words to date: 33,384
Words to go: 16,616 (How sweet that is!)


  1. 2,250 words couldn't exactly be called lazy, now could it, Mangy? :-P


  2. Okay, not exactly "lazy." ;o) But I was hoping to go for 5,000, so I guess I feel like I slacked off. Though I'm not fearing! Tomorrow, there is another afternoon. :oD

  3. Yay for Mangy! I hate it when I get messed up with times. I've been waking up around 6:10 on school days.