Sunday, November 5, 2006

Day 5: Wrimo Rockstar

What a day of writing! Morale is high today. Last night, I did manage to write up 1,738 words, going over my daily quota by a goodish amount in a little over one hour.

Today, I had my master writing plan in effect. The morning went smoothly, and I was writing by 11:30 a.m. over at Einstein's Bros., my favorite place to write. I pounded out a few thousand words until they closed at 3:00. I even had time for a chat with my mother-in-law who happened to be stop in to pick up some lunch.

I was just a 1,000 words short of reaching 5,000, so I headed over to Panera Bread and got in that last bit so I could say I'd written 5,007 words for the day.

However, I saw that my total count was a mere 300 from 10,000. I couldn't very well leave myself dangling so close to a milestone, so I sat down at 11:00 tonight and got in my final bits to push me over the mark.

I feel like a Wrimo rockstar today with what I've accomplished. I wrote 5,520 words here on Day 5. May this feeling stay with me through week two!

Words to date: 10,120
Words to go: 39,880 (Yeah! Under 40,000!)

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