Friday, November 24, 2006

Day 24: Slow & Steady

I've been able to write a couple thousand words for the last two days using two writing sessions of two 10-minute timed writings. If only I could find a way to put in a couple more of those per day, I would be golden to finish before the 27th. As it is, at this rate, I'll finish a day later than my personal goal--but at least still before Nov. 30.

I do have time for another one or two writing sessions this evening as it's only 11:40 p.m., but my daughter has been begging me to get to bed, and we DO have to wake up early tomorrow. So I'm off. Here's hoping for more writing opps tomorrow.

Words to date: 41,113
Words to go: 8887 (huzzah!)

It's so awesome to see the "to go" number below 10,000. There's no stopping me now. And there is absolutely NO quitting either.


  1. Woot! Go, Mangy! You're in the home stretch now!

  2. (Oops. Forgot to sign that. It's the Ferns) ;)

  3. Thanks, Ferns! :oD I got a lot of good sleep last night, so I'm hoping to milk naptimt this afternoon for all it's worth. (After catching up on CleanPlace of course... :6:)