Sunday, November 19, 2006

Day 19: Getting closer

I had a pretty good writing day today, though it wasn't all that I was hoping. My dream would have been to hit 6,000 yesterday and today, but it turned out to be a cumulative for the entire weekend. I'm not down hearted however, because I still managed to write 3,021 words today using an hour's worth of timed writings at Einstein's and then some.

Words to date: 36,405
Words to go: 13,595

I can't wait to see the "Words to go" read 10,000 or less. :oD

In other news: Two of my teen writers on CleanPlace finished their NaNo novels today! Congrats to Eowyn of Rohan and Telpenen! Funny, neither of them kept up with blogs over this month. Could this be the reason they had more time to write in their novels? LOL


  1. Go Mangy!!! :pom:

    Oh, I wanted to let you know that someone by the Blogger name of Lexa Roséan posted a comment on my Blog and she's a practicing wiccan, etc. I just wanted to warn you. :-)

  2. Oh dear...Well, you can always delete comments, ya know. :blink: