Sunday, November 11, 2007

Day 11: Near Success!

We had another official write-in today, this one at Panera Bread. I ended up hosting it for Nia because she got a new job (yay!), and they called her in for training today. Sarah (ihatepeas/twinkie) showed up later on though, so it was good to have moral support. What a turnout we had! There had to be at least 14 people at one point.

I did write over 3K during that time period and including a couple hundred I wrote just a moment ago here at home on the desktop computer. Sounds impressive, but I still need about another 1,236 words if I want to be technically caught up for day 11. I may or may not try to pound that out after posting here, but I want to upload pictures from the write-ins first. We shall see how I feel. The fog of sleepiness is beginning to penetrate my brain...

Words to date: 17,101
Words to go: 32,899

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