Saturday, November 24, 2007

Day 24: Now I'm thankful!

My writing endeavor today was superbly successful! I think I may have finally found my stride. All it took was for Dali to develop a backbone. Who wants to write about weak females, I ask you?

Anyway, I wrote for almost three hours and hammered out a total of 6,372 words. I am officially caught up as of Day 24. (The goal for today was 40,008.) That daily total might actually be a record for me. I'll have to check my previous NaNo report cards...

We have a write-in tomorrow at Panera Bread that I will be attending. Likely, I'll go over a little early to get a head start, but if I can bump up my word count with a similar count tomorrow, I should be looking pretty for the finish line.

Words to date: 40,579
Words to go: 9,421 (Now THAT looks easy!)

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