Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day 14, 15, & 16: Goose eggs

I ended up taking three days off in a row. Eeps! What happened to my stride? Things got busy. That's what happened. That coupled with feeling sick last night. Now it is after midnight Friday night, into Saturday. I sat down with the intention of writing at least 1,000 words to give me a head start for Day 17. And with a sudden burst of inspiration, I was able to write 2,052 words in just under an hour. Whew! Hooray for sudden inspirations!

Tomorrow, or rather later today, I plan on writing some more to double that for the day. Or perhaps if I'm lucky inspiration will strike again, and I can stamp out a few more thousand than that.

I'm still looking for a clear direction with this story. Slowly but surely though, it will come. And suggestions for strange things that could happen in a futuristic sci-fi circus are welcome! Leave me a comment. :o)

Words to date: 23,052
Words to go: 26,948


  1. HEY Mangy-I've had a lot of goose egg days! But I am still pluggin' away. I have family coming in this week for nearly a week...not too sure anything will get written!!! We'll see! Keep at it. :-)

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth! That's encouraging. :-D It's so hard to write when there are little ones to watch and care for, isn't it?