Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Day 5 & 6 are gone!

I had a zero day yesterday because it was too stinkin' busy to get any writing done during the day or afternoon, and I sacrificed my evening time to visit with a friend. Oh well. Today, it almost looked like I would get nothing written, but I got online to do some timed writings with my good friend NarniaPrincess and was able to break 9,500.

With a little extra prodding, I crept up my word count a little more and finished looking pretty and exceeding my daily quota by a mere smidgen--1,863.

Dali has already been discovered, which I didn't think would happen so soon, but I wanted to move the action along faster. (The words flow much easier when something exciting is happening!)

Words to date: 10,275
Words to go: 39,725 (Woot! I'm into the 30Ks!)