Saturday, November 24, 2007

Day 20-23: Vacation days

Our internet went out at home Tuesday afternoon, so I haven't been able to update for several days. Ack! I so despise being disconnected. *grumble grumble* Anyway, here's what I raked in during the holiday vacation:

Day 20: 536 words
Day 21: Zip, nada, nuffin' (Hey, it was the day I made Thanksgiving dinner for one side of the family!)
Day 22: 560 (We went out for Thanksgiving lunch that day.)
Day 23: 3,001 (Now why can't I do this every day?)

I am currently cowering in fear at my 34,207 word count. Less than one week to go, and I haven't done well writing during the week. This is my last "catch up" weekend. I NEED to pass 40K by Sunday. My husband is being very supportive though and practically pushed me out the door to go write tonight. He told me not to come home until I hit 40K.

On that note, I'd better get started!

Words to date: 34,207
Words to go: 15,793 (Hey, that doesn't look TOO bad!)

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