Monday, November 19, 2007

Day 17 & 18: Still slipping

My husband and I went to a marriage conference on Friday to Saturday, so that took up most of the day (though it was totally worth it!). However, I did get out to write Saturday night and ended up with an impressive 3,384 words. But Sunday got away from me completely. So here I am at 10:51 p.m. on Day 19.

I need to start noveling, but I'm like this--> Oh, I need to uninstall that program that keeps messing up when I open my NaNo Word Count doc. I think I'll check my gmail while that uninstalls. Oh, look, Elizabeth left me a comment on my blog! Let me see that. Wow, I need to update my blog. Oh, look at that, Emerwen is on gchat. I wonder if she answered my PM on CleanPlace? Let me see. Oh, she did! Now I must reply. Oh, did that thing uninstall yet? Oh man! I uninstalled the wrong thing! Now where is that install CD?

Anyhoo...Now that I've written that out, I realize how much I really need to start writing. Hmmm...Maybe I should check out the plot dares to get started. LOL Off I go! Where to procrastinate, nobody knows.

Words to date: 26,536
Words to go: 23,464

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