Monday, November 12, 2007

Highest Day

Alright. I did a little more writing and finished at a respectable 4,017 words today. It wasn't quite enough to get totally caught up for the day, but hey, 4K is nothing to sneeze at. Day 11 has been my most prolific day yet this year. I've had 5 and 6K days in past years, but this is good.

The story has been laying flat a bit over the last week, but I'm determined to find that golden streak in there somewhere. Tomorrow, I'm going to do as the experts suggest and write at a different time to day to see if any sparks of inspiration come flashing my way.

Words to date: 17,805
Words to go: 32,196


  1. HEY Mangy,
    Way to go for a good day! I still haven't started today...Baby Girl's asleep and I had my reward for the day...chocolate ice cream with blackberries and reeses pb cup. YUM-YUM! But I am going to get started right now. :-)

    Thanks again for heading up the write-in yesterday, it was great to meet you and see so many motivated writers in our area.

    Good luck and keep going!


  2. Thanks, Elizabeth! Hope you got a chance to write today. See you later!

  3. Wow, that's great, Mangy! May your story keep flowing. :oD


  4. Thank you, Ferns! I hope the story picks up a bit as I'm feeling a little blah towards it at the moment. :o/