Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Day 13: a lucky day

My original plan had been to write tonight after the kids had gone to bed. But that really hadn't been working out so well of late. So as it happened, both kids went down for a nap this afternoon. What an opportunity!

So instead of sitting on the couch and watching cooking shows for the next three hours, I decided to sit down and write. I managed to get a total of 2,310 words during my little impromptu writing date. Not only this, but it was probably the best scene I've written so far this month. I absolutely loved it.

Looks like those hints to my Muse to start hanging around here have worked! She was so scared off by what happened to my Inner Editor that I suppose she was a little afraid it would happen to her. Well, welcome back, Girl! It's GREAT to see you again.

Words to date: 20,653
Words to go: 29,347

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