Friday, November 18, 2005

Bit by massive bit

I came to Einstein's this afternoon and have written for an hour and 45 minutes. Two cups of coffee, one shmeared bagel, one dream sequence, and one demon murdering scene later, I have come out with a nice, plumpy word count of 3,712 for the day's writing. Woo hoo! *does the over-3,500-words-in-one-session dance*

The gap between my "words written" and "words remaining" counts gives me no end of pleasure.

Words to date: 32,857
Words to go: 17,143
Days left: 11


  1. MightiMidget11/18/05, 7:48 PM

    Mangy, let me see if I can drag Lamb over here and we can root you on together! ^_^

  2. That would be GREAT! Fans! Hooray!

  3. *cheers and waves pom poms*