Thursday, November 10, 2005

Small, but something

I managed to get out for an hour and write for about 40 minutes. That got me 969 words--a pathetic number to be sure. But those few days that I cranked out more than enough for my count have been paying me back handsomely. Of course, those days are going to be limited! Fifty-thousand is still a long way off.

The thought of quitting NaNo crossed my mind a few times today as I have been grieving through the loss of my friend's child, and grieving for her loss as well. But a fellow NaNo writer, NarniaPrincess, and a friend in reality, encouraged me to try to stick out. She said that perhaps writing would be the one thing that kept me grounded and helped me though this. She was right. Writing this evening helped a lot.

My story involves angels, and though my head said, no don't even think it, my heart said, YES, just do it! So I wrote Savannah into the story. She appeared behind a receptionist in a white dress with a fluffy white tutu. She carried a magic wand with a star on the end and was as happy as she could be. That's how I see her--as happy as can be.

It did help to write about her. I don't know why. Maybe there's some therapeutic nature to writing for me. Well, yes, I know there is. But who'd have thought it would come out in my NaNo novel?

Total words so far: 16,819
Words to go: 33,181

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